Final Assignment


For the final assignment the idea was formed to create a serious game to learn primary school children about physical quantities in space. My teammates for this project are Maxim and Joris. Physical quantities are very hard to imagine for everyone, let alone for children of this age. Think about how big the sun really is or the distances between the earth and mars and time it would take to travel between them. In contrast to their general lack of knowledge of space, children are interested in the great mystery and that will be the start of their journey.


The idea is that through an exploration game children will visit different places in the galaxy and collect items and score that can be seen on a leaderboard. Questions will most likely be posed in the form of videos and images where children will have to make choices. Correct answers and learning of the answers will result in gain.

Slides for the presentation can be found here. The platform we are aiming to use is there.

A final demo together with source code can be found here.  Just download the .exe and you’re good to go!