During the workshop Maxim and I worked on the idea of creating a serious game that can help children learn about traffic jams. The children all know they are a daily hassle for people driving a car near big cities. Imagining how they are formed and can be solved is however rather difficult for them.


The idea was to create an application that is able to show which variables would change the size of traffic jams. Variables that can be changed are: maximum speed, amount of lanes, amount of people per car and total amount of people that are traveling  by car. By being able to play around with these variables they will learn how traffic jams could be managed. The most important message  we wish to convey is that traffic jams will only get worse over time due to the increasing amount of people traveling by car. The resources available to diminish the size of traffic jams are also finite. For example some roads can’t get wider or the amount of people per car also has a maximum. Other ways of transportation will have to become more popular.